March 21, 2018

‘Happy Birthday’ & ‘Just Coffee’ to be shown again

‘Happy Birthday’ by Kyle Kelley goes to Milledgeville, Georgia for ME Film Festival.

It’s been officialy selected for LOSS & REGRET Shorts and would be screened on April 26th.

‘Just Coffee’ by Matt Dressel was officialy selected for THE MESPIES 2018 (Michigan) and would be screened on March 25th.
Also the short would be screened at the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Film Festival on April 14th.

January 16, 2018

‘Blindness’, a short film by Miro Kepinski selected for Cefalu Film Festival 2018


a short film by Miro Kepinski was officialy selected for Cefalù Film Festival 2018, Palermo, Italy.


November 5, 2017

‘Happy Birthday’ wins four awards at Outlaw Film Festival.

‘Happy Birthday’ by Kyle Kelley won four awards at Outlaw Film Festival yesterday:

Best Local Director – Kyle Kelley

Best Local Actor – Jeffrey Staab

 Best Local Actress – Sarah Elizabeth McGuire

Best Local Short – Happy Birthday



 Buy soundtrack here:

October 4, 2017

‘Night Shift’ comes to Los Angeles

‘Night Shift’, a  video project with live music comes to Los Angeles on 20th October this year. This special event will take place during Polish Film Festival Los Angeles at ‘Man of Cinema: Wajda for the Twenty-First Century‘, a two-day conference at USC.


June 13, 2017

‘The Wounds We Cannot See’ Premieres on June 30

A documentary ‘The Wounds We Cannot See’ by Alexander Freeman premieres on June 30th on Amazon Video & Google Play. It will be available on iTunes, Fandango and Vudu later this year.

Watch on Amazon:
Watch on Google Play:

The Wounds We Cannot See (2017) poster small